The Quarry Lease area is located at a distance of about 1.0 Km from Theegalaveni Village, Gudur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana, India. The Dolerite dyke cut cross the Granite gneiss, which corresponds to the peninsular gneiss, is consciously banded, the light bands being rich in quartz and feldspar and the dark bands in mica and hornblende. The trend of the dyke is in the NE-SW direction. The black granite has invariably sharp contacts with the host rock. The sheet formation is exposed in central part of the Q.L area. The dyke is dark in colour and is one of the best varieties of ornamental / building stones in India. In the Quarry lease area the joints are trending in N 40 E and N 40 W.

Midwest operates three quarries in the Theegalaveni reqion employing 65 people in total. Quarry 1 is operational since 1995 and produces 2000cbm per annum. Currently the length of this quarry is 200metres in length and 80 meters in width. Quarry 2 is operational since 2005 and producing 2000cbm per annum, which is currently 200 meters in length and 80 meters in width. Quarry 3 is a recently opened quarry, which is currently 300meters in length and 60 meters in 80mts width producing 2000 cbm per annum. The production of these 3 quarries is in mixed sizes which come in Shades of Dark, Medium and Light.

Primary and secondary sawing is executed through diamond wire saw whereas line drills are used for territory (final) separation and block squaring and dressing. High quality chemicals are used to split the blocks. No explosives are used in production operations. This deposit too yields very large blocks.

It is a highly mechanized quarry. Its Machinery includes 5 Excavators, 6 Pneumatic Compressors, 2 Dumpers, 1 Hydraulic Drilling Machines, 3 Wire saw Machines, 3 Generators, 1 Electrical Compressors, Tippers, 3 Slotters, Gensets, Jack Hammers etc. The blocks are majorly exported to several international destinations including China, Italy, Japan etc and few blocks are sold locally.

Technical Specifications Value
Specific Gravity 2.98 Kg /CBM
Compressive Strength 1694 Kg/CM2
Tensile Strength 140 Kg/CM2