RDT manufactures and sells a complete range of diamond tools necessary for processing natural stone from its extraction in the quarry, through slabbing, sawing, processing and surfacing, up to final polishing. The products encompasses diamond wire saws, diamond blades, segments for all kind of saws and other diamond tool products can be developed based on customer’s requirement.

RDT's greater perceptive of powder metallurgy and its innovative and dedicated R & D facilities allow us to develop new products with innovative ideas as per customer requirements. Recently, RDT have developed a new diamond wire (dia 7.3mm) with novel technology exclusively for newly launched multi-wire machine for slabbing and is the leading company in South East Asia for this product . Our dictum is to improve on customer expectations in terms of quality, life of the product and services with affordable prices.

RDT focuses mainly on R & D and has a very strong and experienced European team working on developing new and innovative products on a daily basis.