Company Profile

Midwest Granite Pvt. Ltd., a Midwest Group company, was incorporated in the year 1981 by Mr. K. Ragahava Reddy with the core objective of developing competence and expertise in the field of natural stone, namely Granite, Marble, Limestone, and Travertine. In the ensuing years, Midwest has established itself as a very strong player in the domain of Exploration, Mining, Processing and export of natural Stone products. Midwest is among the top 3 natural stone players in India. Midwest mines over 3.5 million tons of granite per annum, which includes saleable product and waste granite.

Mr. K. Raghava Reddy is a visionary entrepreneur with a track record of building diversified and socially responsible mining enterprises. He is a natural stone specialist covering mineral prospecting, mining and project management. He established the A.P. Granite Association and served as National Executive Member of All India Granite Stone Association for several years. Under his leadership, the company is continuously striving to establish a lead over its competitors by introducing new stone varieties in the market by acquiring new deposits, modernizing the existing quarries, adopting and deploying latest technology and equipment for quality and productivity enhancement, adhering to the stringent safety norms of operation and achieving higher level of efficiency.

Mr. K. Raghava Reddy is also an energy expert and participates in panel discussions and several energy research projects across the globe. He identified Mozambique as the natural coal supply region to the Indian market. Midwest was historically a natural stone mining company, but in 2007, he set a bold new direction for Midwest by acquiring Mozambican coal assets. Midwest’s diversified portfolio now holds four coal tenements in the Tete region of central Mozambique. It has successfully completed its exploration program and has been granted a mining license. Midwest is poised for an effective entry into coal mining.

Midwest employs over 1600 personnel of high efficiency in managerial, technical, skilled and semi-skilled workforce across different locations in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. Midwest has a strong core team of Geologists, Geophysicists, Mining and Process Engineers and a strong support team of experts in Logistic Management, Marketing, Sales, Supply chain, Finance and other functions.

The company enjoys good reputation for its products through its quality and service which is evident from the growing strength of the business year after year. In spite of the crisis in granite industry due to recessionary trends in the year 2008-09, the company could not only sustain but also grow and post good results consistently. The group has continuous track record of profitability over the past 35 years of commercial operation.

Midwest has presence in over 30 countries. Midwest has established market linkages with a number of direct customers in all important markets, through agency and distribution system. Midwest company participates in most of the important International Trade Shows. Midwest manufactures environmental friendly diamond tools for mining industry with facilities in India and Srilanka. Midwest is a recipient of several awards at National and State level. Midwest is recognized as “Star Export House” by Government of India. Midwest has joint ventures and key relations with Central, State Governments and Large Corporations.

Midwest institutionalized its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. Since Midwest’s conscience dictates its CSR program rather than mere Government regulatory compliances, Midwest’s contribution to communities constantly exceeds Government expectations in all the countries it operates. Through successful implementation of its CSR programs, Midwest gains local support and Government approvals faster than its competitors.