Midwest in view of its rich experience acquired over the last 3 decades and continuous innovation and adoption of emerging technologies into their operations has optimized the utilization of the resources at all levels. This enables Midwest to offer very competitive prices for its products. Moreover, most of its processing units are eligible for fiscal benefits either because of being built in special economic zones (SEZs) or because of being recognized as a 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit). Midwest enjoys several fiscal benefits such as duty free imports, low tax rates etc. Added to the above benefits, Midwest’ Captive raw material sources will assist further in cost reduction. Midwest offers wide range of products such as special types of granite, marble, Lime stone, Onyx and travertine in slabs, tiles, prefab stone, blocks and other forms. This gives an edge over other suppliers particularly for project needs. Midwest’s goal is to improve the quality and cut down the cost on a continuous basis making its product more affordable and best in the industry.