The Quarry Lease area is located at RL Puram Village, Cheemakurthy, Andhra Pradesh. The deposit is a gabbroitic anorthosite more towards gabbros with dark gray, black feldspar giving uniform dark black background with bronze standing out in contrast as gold sparkles. This is a part of anorthosite complex of Chimakurthy. The stone has medium grain size is uniform. The stone is clean and good recovery on processing. The deposit yields very large blocks for Slabs, Tiles, and Monuments. The company exports the Rough blocks mainly to Italy, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Location City KMs.
Nearest Domestic Airport Vijayawada 150
Nearest International Airport Chennai 300
Nearest Seaport Chennai 300

It can be easily reached by road and is 30 K.M. away from Ongole which is on the G.T. road. The quarry produces 25000 cbm of Rough Granite Blocks per annum in mixed sizes. The Galaxy produced is Medium Galaxy and is uniformly spread. The quarry deploys some of the most advanced machinery including the latest Giro Drill from Perfora, Twin master from Boart Long year, 10 excavators, 10 Dumpers, 6 Hydraulic Drilling Machines, 8 Wire saw machines, 10 Pneumatic Compressors, 3 Electric Compressors, 3 Derrick Crane, 1 Wheel Loader, etc. The quarry employs around 450 people and is being operated since 20 years.

Technical Specifications Value
Specific Gravity 2.98 Kg /CBM
Compressive Strength 3071 Kg/CM2
Tensile Strength 216 Kg/CM2